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Liver Function Testing Final

Liver Function Testing Final Liver Function Testing Final
Contributed By : Genestrings

Liver Function Test: What is it?

Let’s first understand what does the liver do. The liver is an important organ that helps the body to digest food, store energy, and release toxins. The liver plays a vital role in maintaining good health throughout the body.

The liver function test is knowing liver chemistries inside the body. The liver function test helps in measuring the liver enzymes, Proteins, and bilirubin in the body. The main test of liver function test is prothrombin time, APTT, albumin, bilirubin.

Why Liver Function Test is important?

Liver function tests help in determining if the liver is functioning properly or not.The liver performs many important bodily functions, as mentioned below: •

  • Remove impurities from your bloodstream •
  • Change the nutrients in your diet •
  • Storing minerals and vitamins in the body •
  • Controls bleeding •
  • It produces cholesterol, protein, enzymes and gallstones •
  • To make cells that fight disease •
  • Removing germs from the blood •
  • Maintaining hormone levels
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