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10 ways to help you stay healthy amidst lockdown

10 ways to help you stay healthy amidst lockdown 10 ways to help you stay healthy amidst lockdown
Contributed By : Genestrings

The lockdown has affected people’s lives to an enormous extent. The period has been extremely emotionally taxing and challenging. Here are few tips to make the lockdown period easier:

  1. Adhere to a fixed routine: Schedule your day as you would have done if it was a normal routine life. Wake up at a fixed hour, have meals on time and sleep at the fixed time. This will help you in retaining a sense of normalcy.
  2. Visit outdoors: Yes, you read it right! May be just a walk in the lane next to your house or the rooftop of your building, going out at least once to have some fresh air will make you feel good.
  3. Have a nutritious diet: People tend to eat junk food and unhealthy snacks when at home for longer period of time. Try to adhere to a no junk rule or a healthy eating habit. When you eat healthy you feel happy, this brings a sense of calmness from within.
  4. Keep in touch with your near ones: Physical distancing is important, emotional is not. Stay in touch with your people through video calls, phone calls or texts.
  5. Stay active: Lockdown is no reason to not stay fit and active. Rather take this opportunity to get back in shape. You have time to dedicate to yourself now. Exercise, do yoga or strength training regularly at the same time. Join free virtual classes and tone up!
  6. Don’t forget to have fun: Plan your week like you would have otherwise. Schedule that movie show for the weekend that you have been planning to watch, read that novel that you bought and could never complete because you didn’t have time!
  7. Go for a digital detox: Lockdown gives us all the reason to be more dependent on the gadgets. Plan your schedule where you choose to stay connected digitally with slots in between where you are completely on a digital detox mode, doing your own thing, enjoying being with yourself.
  8. Don’t indulge on unhealthy news: It is important to stay updated with the day to activities in the world and equally important to be aware of the new developments happening with respect to COVID-19. However, know where to stop, going from one sad article to another will only increase your mental stress.
  9. Do meditation daily: Meditation is known to have multiple health benefits, not just mental but physical as well.
  10. Talk to your doctor if needed: It’s okay to reach out for help or seek clarity from your doctor on anything that you might find bothersome. Google might not have the answer to all your medical queries, it might even mislead you! Better seek the opinion of an expert.
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